'Vertaling' (interpretation) is a study on language

(verb, articulation, voice) shapes our world. The work

is part of graduation from the Rietveld (2008).

The Speaker 2008/2009 video still, the video-sound piece can be seen at/ El Orador 2008/2009 foto instantánea, la pieza de video puede ser vista en


The Speaker is the result of an ongoing investigation on the life and work of Fidel Castro as a leader of the Cuban Revolution. This work, video-sound and performance piece, focuses on the voice, the speech act and the relation between the speaker and the spectators. In the video, image and sound are separated in order to study clearly the gestural movements of the orator; it is an attempt at concentrating solely on the voice as discourse. The image devoid of sound shows its purely visual characteristics that go beyond the dependency on the audible; emphasizing the unity of the image in itself. The voice or voices become audible in the absence of the image, wherefrom the voice reveals itself as being beyond discourse, that is to say, voice as revelation. The performative is evident in both image and sound, but it is extrapolated into the plane of the here-and-now where the voice becomes multiplied by various performers in the “audience”, who recite the selected excerpts from Fidel’s speeches.


El Orador es el resultado de una investigación continua sobre la vida y el trabajo de Fidel Castro como líder de la Revolución Cubana. Este trabajo de video-sonido y performance, está enfocado en la voz, el acto lingüístico y la relación entre el orador y los espectadores. El video, la imagen y el sonido son presentados separadamente, a fin de estudiar con más claridad, los movimientos gestuales del orador. Esto es un intento de concentrarse únicamente en la voz como discurso. La imagen carente de sonido muestra su característica visual pura, más allá de su dependencia con lo auditivo; enfatizando así la unidad de la imagen en sí misma. La voz o las voces se tornan audibles con la ausencia de la imagen, en donde la voz se revela más allá del discurso, es decir, la voz como revelación. La performatividad es evidente en ambos, imagen y sonido, pero es extrapolada al plano del aquí y ahora en donde la voz es multiplicada por varios actores/lectores -en la “audiencia”- que recitan los extractos seleccionados de los discursos de Fidel.





The Speaker, Dolmus, Nieuwe Vide, Harlem, The Netherlands, 4th July 2009. performers- readers / El Orador, Dolmus, Nieuwe Vide, Harlem, Los Países Bajos, 4 de Julio del 2009. participantes- lectores


Taf Hassam

Folly Teko

Yota Ioannidou

Rana Hamadeh

Teresa María Díaz Nerio

Carles J. Roersch Nerio

Renaldi Zefi (drums)


The Speaker, Sound Recordind, The Ijland studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 24th August 2009. performers-readers / El Orador, grabación, The Ijland studio, Amsterdam, Los Países Bajos, 24 de Agosto del 2009. participantes-lectores


Taf Hassam

Folly Teko

Jiminy Hignett

Inga Cholmogorova

Teresa María Díaz Nerio

Julio Pastor

Renaldi Zefi (guitar)

sound engineer: Thomas Olivier

Bid-o-foon - 2008


God is hot whatever you say. To the question

whether there is a need for a collective spirituality,

lots of people tending to answer with the will to find

a ‘god’ within themselves. Hence an introverted

character of church, or ‘one-person church’.


Visitors may shout to god. The harder they

scream the hotter the boot becomes.


Place: Amsterdam (Old church of Amsterdam)



- a real London phone booth

- a small wind/voice sensor(in the phone)

- a hot wind ventilator


*note: The church is extremely cold around February

(when the exhibition took place).

Table un-stable - 2007


Body sculpture performance act

Combing crocodile

is a toy, a metaphor of improbable things.

By moving back and forth the tail, one can induce a mounted comb to scratch the crocodile's back, which in turn opens the animal's mouth (complaints).

A crocodile simply doesn't need a comb.

Crossroads, grensoverschrijdend theater in Soedan

In Khartoem, Soedan, is een bijzonder theaterproject gerealiseerd. Vijfentwintig jonge Soedanese kunstenaars werkten samen met Theatre Embassy en PIPS:lab uit Nederland aan Crossroads/Tagato. Crossroads ging op 31 maart in première aan de oevers van de Nijl, tijdens het 12e Albugaa International Theatre Festival. Beeldend kunstenaar Folly Teko is een van de Nederlandse Theatre Ambassadors, en werkte aan decor en ontwerp. Voor de Kracht van Cultuur beschrijft hij zijn ervaringen... (Lees verder in blog hieronder)

Lamp of Candide (made in 2006-retouched in 2008)

This installation is combined with a live performance.

The work is a portrait of optimism as described by

Voltaire in his book 'Candide'. Candide is an attempt

to contradict the Leibnizian vision on optimism.

Like Candide (the main character in the book),

audience MUST deal with social codes he was introduced

to during his trip around the world.

The work is an allusion to the discussion on

integration of aliens in the Netherlands.

Must a stranger integrate and ignore his

background? Candide, the main character

of the book, through his experiences abroad,

has come to the realization that life is not

only the castle with all the privileges within.

The book ends with: ''On doit cultiver notre

jardin...''(we must take care of our garden). There

is then no best culture; we must all keep learning...

The viewer of the installation is a guest of a dinner

where he has to use his hands to eat. Spoons and

forks are worked in a lamp that glows in front of him.