African mind suffering double standards on leadership

November 16, 2017 in African renaissance, Afrique, Politique & Société

Following last events in Zimbabwe, I have made the decision to remember Mugabe as a leader.
Nothing, even not god shall change that. Clinton, Obama, Bush…were all criminals. Still, they would remain leaders and models to those who elected them.
Meaning, from the moment one turns a leader, the psycho-social force that brought him/her there has already provided him/her with a certain armour and aura to fulfill his/her part of a collective task.
If this is true, why curse Mugabe for life for not being democratic enough, for not being the perfect president, while western leaders who destabilized the world, are still be praised nowadays?
Remember Obama in Libya, leading to Kadafhi’s death and a traumatized country left behind?
Remember the french president and the other so called philosopher behind this assassination?
Remember Bush father and son in Irak?
All in the pure tradition of western warmongering civilization. Those among us who never point fingers but yet refuse to see things for what they are, couldn’t for sure place that Peace Nobel prize granted to Obama. And Hitler almost won a Nobel prize for his actions…
Man, we don’t understand western civilization. Most westerners themselves can’t grasp the evil nature of their civilization.

Moral of the story: the leader inside an individual can’t be touched. Westerners have a term for that; immunity, moral immunity in our case. We the Africans lack the power to always try to act and look perfect before people who exist by theft and death.

No. Not all westerners condone dark practices of their elites. Are the few westerners working towards world peace powerful enough to grant recognition to those who deserve it? Do we even have the lucidity of mind to see through the lies and manipulations?
Africans, it’s high time we left ourselves alone. Nobody forces us to be perfect. We do this ourselves.
Our leaders ought not to be perfect. We shouldn’t expect that from them. We shouldn’t try our best in acting and coming off as models under an unappreciative paradigm like the one governing the world right now. Let’s just be ourself and mind our business.

Mugabe remains a true African hero, despite the wretched socioeconomic situation of the country he once was responsible of; definitely a superman if Hitler was Man of the year in 1938.

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